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This arting and research meet-up in Falmouth will include contributions from researchers from Kurator, Highwire, Lancaster University, University College Falmouth, Exeter University and independent researchers and practitioners.

21 June 2012 → 22 June 2012
Falmouth, United Kingdom


Precisely because many of the methods and forms that we use for our research are experiments and constant intertwining of practice and other forms of articulation, this invitation is for you. Join our walks, boat trip, and talks, and noise distribution and research practice, to share and compare and question those forms of mapping, writing, coding, performing, diagram formulating and other thinks to do here in Falmouth.

Inspired by the fluxshoe activities in Falmouth in early 1970s, here is what we propose:

On the 21 June at 10:30 meet us on the Prince of Wales Peer in Falmouth to take a ferry to Flushing and start the morning walk with a break in Mylor Bridge for lunch (bring some pocket money to buy your sandwich). Then we will return to Falmouth and we all will introduce our work to each other, followed by the School of Noises after dinner.

On the 22 June we start in an undisclosed place for a research workshop using playing practice and common practice methods. Bring your texts to share, quotations and references which will be put together in this process of research writing/sharing/intervening/reading together around the subjects close to our hearts and touched upon during our walks the day before. There will be also a table tennis competition and some ice-cream after lunch. We will end these two days with a bonfire and some more.

We are serious, so come!

Magda, Helen, Gillian

ps. Let us know if you are joining us.

People and organisations:
Magda Tyżlik-Carver, Helen Pritchard, Gillian Wylde, Andrew Prior, Rob Jackson, Ben Carver + others TBC, Plymouth University, Highwire, School of Noises