Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is a PhD student at K/AST, University of Plymouth.

United Kingdom

Robert Jackson is an MPhil/PhD student at the University of Plymouth, an artist and a software developer in the UK. Currently entitled Algorithm and Contingency, his research incorporates Computational Algorithmic Artworks, Art Formalism and Speculative Realist Philosophy, identifying an occluded history of computer art which operates as configurable units of necessity rather than networked systems of contingency. Furthermore, the research advances the conclusion that discrete artworks attain independent autonomy themselves which are capable experiencing a formal, non-human variance of aesthetic sophistication rather than aesthetic communication tools for human experience. Robert is an editor of the independent philosophical journal Speculations; a graduate student run, peer reviewed journal dedicated to speculative realist philosophy: he is an associate editor of the O-Zone Journal (Punctum Books) and blogs regularly at