Mikko Ojanen

Mikko Ojanen is a PhD researcher at University of Helsinki.


Mikko Ojanen received his master’s degree at the Department of Musicology, University of Helsinki in 2007. His master’s thesis concentrated on the history and analysis of electroacoustic music of Mr. Jukka Ruohomäki ­ one of the early electronic music composers in Finland. After finishing his studies Ojanen has continued the research of the history of Finnish electroacoustic music as a Ph.D. student ­particularly concentrating on Erkki Kurenniemi’s electronic musical instruments and electronic music. He has also acted as a part-time lecturer in the Electronic music studio at the University of Helsinki teaching studio technology and history of electroacoustic music. Amidst his research and work at the university Ojanen has been performing as a musician, sound technician and music producer in several electronic, experimental and popular music projects and orchestras as well as organizing experimental and popular music events.

Ojanen in TUHAT: the Research Database of the University of Helsinki: [ f4-4931-a47b-40d738b10422%29.html][1]

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