Lars Bang Larsen

Lars Bang Larsen is an art historian, curator and writer.


Lars Bang Larsen is an art historian, curator and writer based in Kassel and Copenhagen. He has co-curated exhibitions such as Pyramids of Mars (2000-2001), Populism (2005), and A History of Irritated Material (2010). His books include the monograph Sture Johannesson (2002) and The Model. A Model for a Qualitative Society, 1968 (2010), about Palle Nielsen’s mass utopian adventure playgrounds for children. In Danish have appeared the booklets Kunst er Norm, Organisationsformer and Spredt væren (‘Art is Norm’, ‘Forms of Organisation’ and ‘Dissipated being’, 2008-2010). Lars wrote his PhD at the University of Copenhagen about psychedelic concepts in neo-avant-garde art. This autumn will appear the book The Critical Mass of Mediation, written with the artist Søren Andreasen.