LaAgencia, is an independent new media art production company created in 1998 in Madrid.


LaAgencia, is an independent new media art production company created in 1998 in Madrid. Its mandate is to respond to the new structural needs required by the incorporation of new technologies in art. LaAgencia is engaged in programs and projects all over Spain, Europe, US and Latin America, focused on new media art as an alternative paradigm of research and knowledge.

LaAgencia has been collaborating with ARCOmadrid since 1999, in charge of the technical coordination of the new media art section and responsible for developing and managing the programmes organized by ARCO related to new media art, such as the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Prize and the Arte 2.0 Competition of Ideas organized by Vocento, as well as sponsorship and technological alliances.

As a production company, LaAgencia is a forerunner in the field of new media art collaborating with major organizations and artists. LaAgencia has produced the exhibition Máquinas y Almas (Souls and Machines) for Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain, advising on the use of new technologies. LaAgencia’s last main project was the initiation, development and production of the exhibition Sueños de Silicio (Silicon Dreams) for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Currently, LaAgencia is working with a group of prominent industrial agents from Catalonia in the development of new research and development programs with artists.

Vicente Matallana, director of LaAgencia, is also a teacher and lecturer and regularly publishes articles. He has been a member of the editorial board of the ARCO-News magazine. He also regularly sits on international juries, seminars and committees for new media art.

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