Geoff Cox

Geoff Cox (UK/DK) is an Associate Professor at Aarhus University, and is also an occasional artist, writer and curator working with KURATOR.

Denmark, United Kingdom

Dr. Geoff Cox is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Aesthetics and Communication, and Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University (DK). He is also an occasional artist, Adjunct faculty Transart Institute (DE/US), Associate Curator of Online Projects, Arnolfini, Bristol (UK), and part of the self-institution Museum of Ordure. His research interests lie in the areas of contemporary art and performance, software studies, network culture and a reappraisal of the concept of publicness. He is an editor for the DATA Browser book series (published by Autonomedia), and co-edited “Economising Culture” (2004), “Engineering Culture” (2005), “Creating Insecurity” (2009) and is working on “Disrupting Business” (2013). His latest book is “Speaking Code: coding as aesthetic and political expression” forthcoming from MIT Press (late 2012).