Cybernetics Revisited

Cybernetics Revisited: a retrospective of the work of Jose Antonio Orts, including antecedents (1970-1994), first light-sensitive sound installations and luminous sculptures (1995-2000), exhibited as part of After the Net.

1970 2008

Cybernetics Revisited is a retrospective survey of the work of the artist José Antonio Orts. It presents multidisciplinary work produced from 1970 to 2000 where technology is used to establish a relation between the visual and the sonic fields as well as between the spectator and the work itself. The show includes the first light-sensitive sound circuit produced by Orts when he was 15 years old (1970), and the inspiration for his later work. Presented for the first time in this exhibition, the circuit is shown together with the later work including his 1980’s prized toys. The exhibition also presents four video projections of interactive installations; two electro-acoustic sound works Territorios de sonidos Coloreados (1995) and Cromosfera (1999) produced from photosensitve installations and sound sculpures “played” by the artist by the means of luminous devices. The retrospective survey of Orts’s work also includes his first light-sensitive installation created for the Centre National des Arts Plastiques Villa d’Arson, Nice (Territoires de sons blancs, 1995) along with other interactive light and sound sculptures such as Dúo rojo verde (1999), serie Ritmos Luminosos, S/T (1999).