Jeff Gompertz (USA) & Caen Botto (Universomente), exhibited as part of After the Net.


Chatroom is an augmented chat environment in which the audience is prompted to interface with an assortment of what appears to be standard chat elements. Through a layer of copied desktop and a faked chat interface, captured “chatters” looped into the system appear from the past and what is currently happening in real-time, stuck in some kind of chat echo-chamber. It is an exercise in fascination with the ephemera of chat, extracting a vocabulary of simple human interactions and redundancy. The manipulation of image signal through analog and digital means creates a loop effect ­ a hall of mirrors. The audience simultaneously can input a text layer that outputs into the room like an old school text-to-speech soundtrack. The piece utilizes video chat software, CCTV surveillance cameras, max programming and analog video technology, with output displayed on a mix of flat screen monitors and video projection.